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Progressions in PPC to gaze at in 2018


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Best PPC Company: Looking for the trends that are likely to affect all the search marketers in following year? We’ve made things simpler for you!
The areas of artificial intelligence, audience targeting, local marketing and attribution, as it seems, are going to rule in 2018 as well. No wonder this observation is everything but crucial. Let’s delve into the five trends that are somewhat offbeat the major themes but certainly will make a mark in the market of paid searches in the year that lies ahead.

1. Ahead of ads, visual and voice search is going to impact user’s behavior
As a recent advancement, visual search with the help of our camera have made the searches more accurate while the hype in the sale of smart speakers accounts for the increasing fondness for voice searches among the masses. The changing patterns in search behaviors with these are definitely going to be interesting to observe. The way ads appear on the screen with search results can be easily modified which is not the same with results being returned via voice. How advertising through smart speakers is going to be implemented is still a surprise but that for sure is going to replace the standard AdWords auction. Both these technologies have just come into existence but are sure to emerge, therefore, this is the direction where the best PPC company should try to work in!
2. Channel expansion is likely to be favored
Irrespective of all the controversies and rumours, Google and Facebook are still going to dominate the market and have millions of ad dollars invested in them yet another time in 2018. Another combo that is very probable to yield more occasions over the coming year is the Bing-LinkedIn combo. Other social media platforms including Snapchat, Twitter, Quora and Pinterest each have different degrees of incremental potential. The mess previously made by slapdash re-targeting strategies that resulted in a degraded user experience can finally be cleared with the help of machine learning enabled frequency capping and targeting.
3. The competition between Google and Amazon will trigger search ad creativity
Google’s product search business is facing a threat because of constant up-gradation in Amazon. The companies have become arch rivals and without a doubt, Amazon is all set to take over Google in 2018. Google, in return, has three ad-driven programs to keep a check on Amazon in every possible manner.
Google Express is an initiative in which company’s direct tie-ups with brands like Walmart target Amazon directly by providing very convenient checkouts and quick deliveries. Local services by Google is undergoing expansion in all the major cities of the US! While these two services are going at the right pace, Purchases on Google is yet to make the big move.
4. Our working techniques are all set to transform
The paid search teams, practitioners and agencies are going to experience the power of artificial intelligence taking over. This development in the technology is sure to create opportunities for the ones who adapt to it.
The best PPC company is still going to be the one that has experts who are strategic, analytical, innovative and intrusive. With the involvement of AI, the PPC practitioners can change their focus from the conventional keyword research to polishing their skill set. With the right analytics, machine learning can be used to create wonders.
5. The importance of structured data will increase.
Contrary to what’s been happening all these years, the ads side is going to have more of the structured data than SEO. Google Manufacturer Center is very likely to have the attention of more brands and manufacturers this year. Google is expected to pull more information into ads dynamically from sources including Google Manufacturer Center, landing page copy, etc..