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Why Smartphone’s battery may burst


In these days news came that Samsung smartphone’s battery is blown up due to some reasons,that why Samsung declared to withdraw its smartphones from the market, but this problems companies images become dull, but it happen, it is required to understand.

You should aware that lithium ion battery may burst by drop down, which may cause dangerous to anyone. If you purchase a cheap battery than it may get distend and may become a detonation. If battery is defective than it may happen and if genuine battery’s temperature gone high than also it may burst.

But lithium ion batteries which is used in smartphones and another electronic devices are very safe. But even as the processing power of smartphone is increasing in that ratio the battery technology is not improving. The smartphones which works in multi windows that smartphones battery become overload and the inside temperature of the phone increase, it’s possibilities that short-circuit may take place. Some old batteries if you overcharge them then it may happen. 

Today smartphone battery’s charging auto disconnected after full charge and there will be no hamper if charger connected continue, but it is better to disconnect the charger. Some companies are offering quick charging facilities from which it may happen. You should never talk if your mobile is connected to charging. If your smartphone is hot then never put it into its cover, when it became cool then again put it on charging.

Never put your smartphone on vehicle’s dashboard if you are charging it in hot condition. But today some companies are offering without removable batteries. Don’t throw your old battery in dustbin.If possible return your old battery to concern company if it is in warranty period so that you can take a new one battery in place of old one.

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