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How to Change WiFi Password and SSID in Reliance JioFi 2 Hotspot


As e know that Reliance Jio offered free voice calling and data for their customer in Welcome Offer, so users purchase 4G mobiles to avail this free facility and also use to set up WiFi hotspot to access the data for other devices also. There is another way to do this, purchase a Reliance JioFi 2 WiFi hub. It is equipped with a free 4G SIM and a 2,300mAh battery. It can give you speed of 30Mbps(According to Users). This JioFi 2 is specially designed for wireless connect to multiple devices. But to set up this connection you have to search SSID or network ID using WiFi on PC or mobile. Then enter your password as your own. Keep in mind that you have to enter password for every new user which you want to connect with JioFi 2 hotspot.

Reliance is supplying JioFi 2 hotspot with printed password (Where the battery fitted). Now login to the network and start the browsing. The user name and password for each JioFi 2 device are different and unique. You can choose your personal SSID and password, for high security.

How to change WiFi Password and SSID in Reliance JioFi 2 Hotspot:
 Procedure to change WiFi SSID and hotspot on Reliance JioFi 2——
  1. Enter your useer name and password, first connect to JioFi network. for this,open the browser and type in the browser’s address bar and press enter.
  2. This will redirect you to Jio’s Admin page where you have to Login.
  3. You will find the Login option on the top right-hand corner and Click on Login.
  4. Then you will get a popup window , where you have to enter username and password. Type ‘administrator‘ for both username and password.
  5. Now go to Settings (Which is just below the Jio logo at the top),then click on WiFi
  6. You will see existing SSID,  delete this and enter your chose  username.
  7. Next, find security key from the list, delete the existing one and enter your own Wi-Fi password. Click on Apply.
  8. At last click OK to confirm all the changes you have made.