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Galaxy S6 Android Oreo update receiving in February ?


Less than two months ago, a report surfaced claiming that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Android Oreo update might be on the cards, but at the time, there was no mention of an estimate time of arrival (ETA).

This information came after a Redditor spoke to Samsung reps who did confirm that Android Oreo will be rolled out to the 3-year old Galaxy S6. For a while, this seemed like the usual clue-less support representatives giving out unconfirmed reports. But in another communication from yet another Samsung rep, we, in fact, have what could be the expected release date of Android Oreo to the Galaxy S6 series.

According to the latest developments, Samsung will start rolling out Android Oreo this January or maybe in February. As far as we can tell, this should be for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus and perhaps the Galaxy Note 8. Still, the Samsung rep does claim that the Oreo update will also be rolled out to the Galaxy S6 “this January and February”, but as expected, there is no exact date.

There are a few reasons to take this with a grain of salt. First, Google, leave alone Samsung, never releases major OS upgrades to 3-year old phones, but of course, there’s always a first time for everything. Second, Samsung reps have a tendency of not really knowing what the technical team is up to, but given the various confirmations from different reps, it appears Oreo could indeed find its way to the Galaxy S6 and co. Last but not least, there’s the Galaxy S7 to deal with first even before the S6 comes into the picture, which makes the alleged January/February release date impractical.

And then there’s the inevitable fact that this is Samsung we are talking about. Although there have been some serious improvements in the software department over the recent past, we can only expect things to get better with Oreo’s Project Treble, beginning with the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.

Source: theandroidsoul