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How To Convert a Video Into GIFs On WhatsApp

Day by day WhatsApp is adding latest features to is App to remain the boss of social media. Recently Whatsapp’s update a new feature that allows the users across the world to create a GIF out of any video within the app itself. Now you need not to download any extra app to perform this function.
                         You can follow this below given video

               If You are interested to creat GIF follow below simple Steps

  • Now first step to create a GIF got to your WhatsApp account and open a conversation of any contact to which you want to send the created GIF.
  • Now tap on attachment icon and select gallery.
  • Now from the gallery you have to select a video of which you want to creat a GIF. It can be any video clip. You can make your own video.
  • After selecting the desired clip it will appear in video editor.
  • Please select only 6 seconds duration video clip to create a GIF.
  • Once you are done trimming the video just tap this camcorder icon at the top right corner. Now if you want to make any changes in the video you can do that too.
  • Once your are satisfied with the clip add the optional message if you want, after that tap this green arrow icon to send.