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WhatsApp to share your personal information with Facebook, here’s how to opt out


As we get the news that whatsApp is going to share your information with Facebook but how we stop it from doing so. WhatsApp came in effect before four year, and it is acquired by facebook before 2 years, now WhatsApp changed its policy first time. The update policies are about new features and some are about that are in the pipeline. But one policy is that WhatsApp will share its information with Facebook. But there is a way, you can stop WhatsApp from sharing your information with Facebook.

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The sole reason of WhatsApp want to be closely integrated with Facebook is to change how businesses communicate with their customer. Facebook will use shared information to improve its friends suggestions feature and help businesses get a wider reach by improving the ads targeted at users. It will also increase its spam fighting capabilities, and will also be able to improve tracking of the basics metrics like number of unique users among others.

Procedure to stop WhatsApp from sharing your info with Facebook. 

First WhatsApp will gradually inform its users about its updated policies through its app. The existing user will receive a notification about updated policies, but before clicking on the agree button, tape on the read more.. button. this will open the whole contents of the policies, but at the bottom of the screen you will find a short message alongside a check mark. This message reads that share my WhatsApp account information with Facebook to improve my Facebook ads and product experience. Your chats and phone number will not be shared on Facebook regardless of the setting. Uncheck the box, and hit the agree button.

In case you missed the message, and accidentally hit agree without changing setting, there is still other way. On WhatsApp, head over the setting ->Account-> share my account info. Uncheck the box and you have done. Once you have agree to whatsApp’s update privacy policies, a user will have only 30 days to change the setting.