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Here How to Get Unlimited Reliance Jio 4G Data even in Welcome Offer


As we are aware that Reliance Jio is offering free and unlimited 4G data, voice calls, and messages in welcome offer which is valid up to 31st December 16. But there are some conditions like, user is provided 4 GB data at 4G speed on a daily basis, after consuming 4 GB data the speed come down to 128 kbps only. But we will tell you how you will get high speed data even in welcome offer.


For this , first uninstall the MyJio app which is installed in your device and go to the play store and download it again and install it as you did earlier. Keep in mind that you never update the MyJio app. Now open your app and install all the available apps in the MyJio app. After installing all the app, turn off mobile data and WiFi of your device. Now close all the opened apps and restart you mobile, never forget to restart your device.

Now next step, without turning on the data, open MyJio app and then tap on the Open Iocn where you will find “Get Jio SIM” option, if it is not coming then close the app and open it again, sure it will appear. If you find this option turn on the mobile data and tap on “Get Jio SIM” option. Now you will go back to the preview offer and you can delete your installed app, it is your choice.

Please follow the procedure carefully so that you can enjoy the free unlimited 4G data even in Reliance Welcome Offer. Please comment and tell us that it happen with you or not.

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